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Frosty Towel

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Frosty Towels are Great for:

ANY Time you need to cool down during the humid and hot summer weather (day or nights).

It is a great gift for your loved one serving in the USA armed forces. (Now Sold At USMC Marine Exchanges and some PXs)

GOLF, GOLF, GOLF for players, spectators and PGA events.

Tennis Clubs and Tennis Tournaments.

The Spa, Health Club.


During and after sports practices and games.

Fan Based Sports Football, NASCAR, Soccer, Baseball.

Professional, College, Sports, High School and Little League.

Promotional Give Aways, Corporate Events, Conventions and Meetings.

Exercise, Running, Walking, Aerobics, at the Gym during and after working out.

Fund Raisers, (walks and runs) or Charities.

Fishing, Kayaking, or Boating.

Hiking, Biking, Camping, Fishing, any outdoor hobby or interest.

Great to use while traveling: Plane, Train, or in the Car. Very refreshing and invigorating when you are tired or hot.

Outdoors parties, picnics, weddings, reunions, special family events.

Amusement parks and Theme Parks.

To help soothe a fever until medical attention can be sought.

Health Dept, Coast Guard, Police, FEMA, EMS, Red Cross, National Disasters, First Responders.

Can help soothe heat symptoms from medical treatments & chemotherapy.

Use during Hot flashes brought on by Menopause or Pregnancy .

Truck Drivers, Job Sites, Landscapers or Warehouse employees.

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Additional Info

Frosty Towels are 100% pure cotton towels infused with a unique blend of 100% natural ingredients creating an evaporative process that allows the towels to stay cold for hours, keeping you cool and comfortable. Frosty Towels are designed to be a single use high quality cooling towel that are nice enough to keep for other uses long after the cooling effects are gone.

Just open the package and shake out your Frosty Towel for a few seconds to activate the cooling effect. Lay the towel around your neck or wipe it over your arms, legs and face to help protect yourself from black flies, greenheads, mosquitoes, no-see-ums and many other insects.

If your Frosty Towel gets warm from being against your skin, just open it up, shake it out, and re-energize the Frosty Towel cooling effects. Frosty Towels typically last for an average 3 - 6 hours depending on wind, sun, and humidity conditions.

Each Frosty Cooling Towel works to help lower body temperature and maintains cooling properties for an average of  3 - 6 hrs. Frosty Cooling Towels require no refrigeration and cool down to an average of 20-25 degrees below normal body temperature.

Set your organization apart from the competition. Frosty Cooling Towels provide a unique and effective way cool down after a long day of travel or sightseeing. Easy to use and distribute. Offer your guest or customer a Frosty towel as a gracious and upscale amenity.

Frosty Towels are an impressive low cost and unique promotional item for conventions, corporate meetings, concerts, sporting events, golf outings, and most special events. Frosty Cooling Towels offers you a high impact item for Welcome Baskets, Arrival Gifts, Wedding Hospitality Bags and any group sales or sponsored event.

Frosty Cooling Towels are 100% Natural Cotton, contain 100% Natural Ingredients, and are recyclable. Frosty Cooling Towels have a powerful Green/Environmental appeal. Safe for kids, great for the environment and can be recycled for other uses in your daily life


Instant relief from heat, humidity, and hot flashes.

Offers a unique, effective, sanitary, and upscale cooling amenity for your guests, customers, and clients.

Individually packaged, sanitary and anti-bacterial.

Contains 100% natural insect repellent.

Features on Standard Towel: 

100% Natural Premium Cotton.

Hygienic and kills germs.

Natural Menthol Bergamot Leaf Oil for Invigoration.

Lemongrass and Citronella - natural insect repellent and light citrus fragrance.

Recyclable - Eco Friendly.

Natural Phenagon for long shelf life.

We use only the highest quality of 100% natural essential oils and herbal extracts.

FROSTY Towels are shipped and stored warm. Refrigeration is NOT required prior to use. Frosty Towels will generally last up to 3 - 6 hours once opened. Chilling first may extend this time frame. Frosty Towels have a generously long shelf life as long as the package remains sealed.

Chilling your Frosty Towels is not required but it does supercharge the cooling effect right out of the package!